Safety & Regulations

In order to comply with the Safety Certificate, and the Club’s Code of Good Conduct, spectators are reminded that they MUST NOT:

  • Go on to the field of play, or its immediate surrounds, apart from designated standing areas.
  • Climb or sit on perimeter walls, crush barriers or walls
  • Stand in gangways or hatch-marked areas
  • Take alcohol, glasses or bottles outside of the Sarum Suite, outside the ground floor hospitality suites or on to Executive Box balconies
  • Smoking is not permitted in any covered area, including the bar and the toilets. Smoking is only allowed on the open terraces.
  • Use Foul, indecent or obscene language or gestures
  • Engage in any form of racial abuse
  • Deface any notice on the premises or throw missiles of any description
  • All employees of the club are entitled to be treated with respect. This includes stewards, bar and tea kiosk staff and other officials. Vocal and physical abuse will not be tolerated
    Non-compliance with the above will result in eviction from the ground and/or refusal of admission if relevant.